When to Visit the Farm

A farm is full of interest all year round. Obviously there are Spring lambs and Easter chicks but don’t restrict your visit to those times.

The animals will be here all year providing interest whenever you come.


Baby lambs & goats are born and must be fed 4 times a day. The donkeys, chickens, cows, geese and ducks are all around the farm. The ducks can usually be found by the Big Pool. Hen eggs are hatched and we put the chicks on display around Easter. The grass starts growing looking much greener as the season goes on. Cutting will be started and the Arboretum walkways will be kept shorter.


Grass is cut around Farm and arboretum. Longer grass is cut for hay. This grass is left to dry out in the sun then baled.


Straw bales are all packed and stored in the barn. The Arboretum leaves are turning lovely shades before falling off the trees as they get ready to rest for the winter. Animals grow their thick winter coats to keep them warm in the coming winter.


All Public areas are cleaned and any maintenance work is programmed during this low season. Pig goes to boar as it takes 3 months, 3 weeks & 3 days from conception to birth.