The Visitor Centre

The focal point of the Arboretum is the Visitor Centre which has free access and parking for 200 cars and also two specific coach spaces.

Inside the Visitor Centre you will find the restaurant, a gift shop and toilets.

Outside on the terrace you will find plenty of chairs and tables to sit and relax by the Big Pool where the ducks and fish will come to see you.

4000 tons of earth was removed from the hillside to accommodate the building. The roof is insulated with soil and then grassed over to blend back into the hillside, making the whole building as unobtrusive as possible.

Visitors arriving over the hill looking onto the oasis of pools and colour can only see a shallow dome protruding out of the ground. This unique building won the CLA award (Country Land & Business Association) for the best rural building in England and Wales in 1999 and provides wonderful views across The Big Pool as well as being environmentally friendly.